Donate To Soft UK

SOFT supporters are an incredibly generous bunch - from £20 at Christmas to remember their child, to £1000 in support of their friend's marathon efforts. Many people who give a gift to SOFT have been personally affected by trisomy. We are grateful for every single gift we receive. 

If you would like to help us - keep the website running, run our annual family days, provide ongoing training and supervision to our family support volunteers - you can donate in one of the following ways:


In Memory

Many families chose to donate to SOFT UK in memory of a child who has died. Often this is to mark a special date such as their baby's birthday. Or the gift to SOFT is in place of a Christmas present.

These generous gifts provide hope to all families affected by Trisomy 13, Trisomy 18 and related conditions. We are hugely grateful for every one of these special gifts.

You can use the online donation service, MyDonate, to give a gift in memory of your loved one. Just follow this link to go direct to SOFT's in memory donation page.

Payroll Giving

Payroll (or workplace) giving is fantastic way to give to SOFT. Any gift you give direct from your salary will come to SOFT tax-free - meaning we get up to 145% of your original donation.

Regular giving is so important to SOFT - it enables us to plan our services more effectively and ensures we continue to meet the needs of families. Thank you to our many generous supporters who already give in this way. 

There are a number of organisations that offer Payroll Giving services to employers. You can use their websites to find out if your employer offers a scheme. If they do, you can usually sign up online. And if your employer is not already involved, they'll contact your company to encourage them to sign up.

SOFT will usually begin to receive your regular gift 4-6 weeks after you have signed up.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

When you've taken care of your family and friends, will you consider helping the families of seriously ill children across the UK?

Many people in the UK give generously to charities throughout their lifetime. However, a legacy is often the largest gift an individual ever donates to a charity. At the moment, only 6 out of every 100 people leave a gift to charity in their will but it's often the big-name national charities that benefit most from legacy gifts. 

SOFT UK is the only UK-wide registered charity dedicated to offering information and support to any family affected by Edwards' syndrome, Patau's syndrome or a related disorder. As we are a small charity, we're hugely grateful for those SOFT supporters who choose to think of us in their will.

By leaving a legacy in your will to SOFT UK, you can help us to give some hope to future generations of families affected by Trisomy 18 and Trisomy 13. 

Your local solicitor or will writer will be able to advise you on the best way to make a new will or amend an existing one. It's a straightforward process but a will is a legal document and mistakes can be expensive to sort out for the loved ones you leave behind.

Remember a Charity has more information on how you can leave a lasting gift. They also have a network of solicitors and will writers who will be able to assist - you can search online for your nearest one.

* Free Wills Month takes place every March and October. You must be 55 years old or older to take up one of the free appointments - and places fill up fast! If you've missed out you can register your interest online for the next event.

* Money Saving Expert has an excellent summary of ways to make a will that are free or cheaper than standard. Facebook Twitter Youtube

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