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Bike ride and other events


Hi, for the 3rd year I am cycling in memory of Simon for SOFT UK. I will be on my bike, hopefully, for no longer than 7 hours....but it may be more! read about Emma and other events....

I am setting myself A BIG CHALLENGE as this is the 30TH NOTTINGHAM BIKE RIDE and I AM 30 TOO. What better way to celebrate than to go for the maximum mileage the bike ride can do, 72 MILES - OUCH! On father's Day 19th June 2011. If you would like to donate, great as yet again I'll be doing it for the great people that run SOFT UK as their help and support is ENDLESS and PRICELESS! Words can't describe what a great job they all do. Loads of love and hugs EMS

Hannah Smith and Friends are walking Hadrians Wall in honour of Imogen Shouler. Walking with Imogen is a charity event set up by Hannah Smith, Emma Latham, Lucy Aitchison, Sam Farish, Carl Taylor & Alex Watson in recognition of Imogen Shouler. Hannah's niece Imogen was born on the 3rd May 2011 and was diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder; Trisomy 13 (Patau's Syndrome). Sadly she passed away on 8th May 2011 after a brief stay at the Rainbows Childrens Hospice. Presently there is not enough financial aid for research or support for individuals and families.
We are hoping to raise awareness and funds for two charities, Sands (Stillbirth & neonatal death charity) and SOFT UK (support organisation for trisomy 13/18 and related disorders) by organising and taking part in an 84 mile group walk along Hadrains Wall starting 31st July 2011.

Stacey and Lee James are doing a sponsored slim in memory of Simon. Lets all face it, we all need to loose a few pounds here and there, but where's the inspiration and drive to lose weight and keep going .... Ours is our son Simon Lee James, who was born on the 10th of July 2009. He was diagnosed at 26 weeks gestation with full Edwards Syndrome, Trisomy 18. Something that we were told that was so rare, a 1 in 3000 chance. We felt so alone, until we found SOFT UK.
Through SOFT UK we have had nothing but support on a daily basis, they gave us hope and courage to face what was to come. With their support we chose to give our son a fighting chance. Simon made it all the way to 31 weeks gestation before he decided it was time to say hello to us and the world, and exactly 60 minutes later he died peacefully in our arms. We celebrate his life, more than mourn his death. To learn more of what Edwards Syndrome, (Trisomy 18) is please click on the SOFT UK link.
Sadly the SOFT UK family is ever growing with new families facing the same challenges and heartache, it's your support and donations that keeps this small charity going and giving others the same hope and support that we had.
My partner and I have decided to lose weight, and aim to loose 4 stone each (totaling 8 stone, 112lbs between us) by the end of October 2011. Any donation will be greatfully received, be it 1p per 1lb, £1 per 1lb, or just a one off amount. We will be doing weekly weigh-ins to keep you updated, as well as photos and video. If anyone else would like to join team toots and loose a few lbs to support a great charity, please feel free to join us.

Jamie Gorvett is taking part in the RHL Weston Beach Race in Swansea for the first time. I've registered for the Q1 class race on October 8th. It's a three hour endurance race and I hope to complete it on my trike!! I'm raising money for SOFT UK in memory of my sister Sophie Elizabeth. Sophie had trisomy 18 and lived with us at home for three months. She has changed our lives forever.

Marlene Graham, Tracii Mc Donald, Kim McCallum Ellen Somerville and Amber Varley are doing a sponsored slim in memory of Logan.

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