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Precious Memories


When a baby dies during pregnancy or is still born, parents may decide to have a funeral as an acknowledgement of the baby’s life. Should you choose not to have a service, the hospital will ensure your baby is laid to rest with dignity.

Losing your baby during pregnancy or shortly after birth does not have to mean you have no memories. There are many things you can do to make these memories, such as keeping a diary or even an online blog of your baby, or start a scrapbook with the scans, cards or photographs you have. You may want to plant a special tree or flower for your child, or have their name written beautifully in the snow or sand captured in a photograph forever, or maybe you would like to name a star after your baby, there are so many alternatives.

Taking a clipping of your baby's hair that you can keep close can help you feel as if part of them is still with you, footprints and handprints can be made, or casts taken before or after your baby has died. These can then be made into jewellery or plated, and ashes can become diamonds, a permanent and beautiful reminder of your little one.

Memory boxes and chests are widely available, and you can store mementos of your child to keep as precious memories. It is important to do what you feel is right and keep whatever you want to. There is no 'proper' way to grieve and everyone is different.