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Tribute Poems

The loss of a baby can inspire beautiful and moving poetry.

If you have a poem for the website, or the SOFT UK newsletter, please get in touch.

In memory of Summer Rose


Summer was such a beautiful child and she left a lot of broken hearts behind. In the evening of the 19th May I sat and wondered what Summer would say to us if she could.

In memory of Hope


Hope was born on 20th March 2010 and grew her wings on 23rd March 2010. Written by my friend Rachel Hiles who read it beautifully at Hope's funeral on behalf of mummy Jo, daddy Al, and big sister Ella.

In memory of Chantal


Chantal  trisomy 18) was born on May 13th 1991 and died a few weeks later on July 17th. Chantal - Our first daughter; she brought joy, she brought tears. She was loved, she was cared for. She shared our lives for a little while.

In memory of Antony


Ross wrote this poem for his son Anthony who was 'born asleep' on the 1st July 2010 and had mosaic trisomy 13..

In memory of Liam

liam black and white feet_2

This beautiful poem 'Liam's Feet' was written by one of my most gorgeous friends just for my Little Man Liam.

In Memory of Maple Hills


 Written by Corinne Hills, in memory of her beautiful daughter Maple. 

From Precious Past Hopeful Future by Erica Brown


With gratitude to the parents who shared their stories with me at the SOFT Conference 2010.
Erica Brown Vice President of Acorns Children’s Hospices in the West Midlands.

For Fathers


This poem is a tribute for fathers who are sometimes a little neglected.
A Father's grief is very real although they may not express it in the same way as their partner.