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In memory of Antony


Ross wrote this poem for his son Anthony who was 'born asleep' on the 1st July 2010 and had mosaic trisomy 13..

The vicar read it out at the funeral.


On that morning with gleaming face, your mother shared the news of grace.
That we would be blessed with another, and little Allan would have a brother.
That afternoon twenty two weeks spent, we understood what the consultant meant.
Our love for you though as a star, shines brightly in the dark from afar.

On that evening taken into hospital care, emotions ran up and down like at a fair.
You then decided to say goodbye, telling Mummy before there thee lie.
On that night to be born sleeping, your life to us will still hold meaning.
With quiet passing you open the door, to everlasting life and more.

Know dear child you are with us still, in heart and mind and always will.
Until the day we meet again our son, be strong, be brave, love dad and mum.

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