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In memory of Hope


Hope was born on 20th March 2010 and grew her wings on 23rd March 2010. Written by my friend Rachel Hiles who read it beautifully at Hope's funeral on behalf of mummy Jo, daddy Al, and big sister Ella.


From the first joyous moment, the thrill of that pregnancy test, 
How could we ever have dreamt that we’d be laying you to rest? 
It seems so very cruel, so wrong, so utterly unfair, 
That we have to say goodbye; so many tears wept in despair. 
 From those early days, you’ve been loved so very much, 
 Whilst we awaited your arrival, that first cuddle, that first touch. 
 Growing in Mum’s womb you were so tiny, fragile, defenceless, 
 The opinions of endless consultants, they all just seemed so senseless. 
 They told us you wouldn’t be strong enough, to survive until your birth 
 But with the love of those around, you were determined to join us here on Earth. 
 Plans for paediatricians, all went out the door 
 In your desperate rush to meet us all, you arrived on the reception floor! 
 You were such a little fighter, you lived with courage and with grace, 
 Mummy, Daddy and your sister Ella were so lucky to share your embrace. 
 Did you inherit your Mummy’s smile, or have your Daddy’s eyes? 
 What would you have bought your sister, for her birthday, as a surprise? 
 You blessed us with four such special days of wonder and delight, 
 At the end of Mummy’s birthday, took up your Angel wings in flight. 
 There are so many unanswered questions, so many dreams left unfulfilled, 
 We all start by wondering with sadness, how can they their lives rebuild? 
 But then we come to realise, that precisely by being Hope, 
 You give us reasons to live on, you show us ways to cope. 
 God chooses some as Angels, to join him up above, 
 And who are we to question, the wisdom of his love? 
 We only got to know you for such a very short while, 
 So beautiful and precious, we’ll remember you and smile. 
 And now you’re up there in the sky, you are the brightest star, 
 You’re always in our hearts, so really, you’ve not gone very far. 
 This isn’t goodbye, it’s not farewell, we know we’ll see you again, 
 We know God’s looking after you, and that helps ease our pain. 
 We’ll meet again in heaven someday, you’ll be showing us the ropes, 
 For you’re playing now with Angels, our sweetest dearest Hope.

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