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Play Therapy and Toys

Physiotherapists can show parents how to stimulate their babies. To aid eye development and co-ordination silver paper or shiny bells can be moved slowly across in front of baby for the infant to 'track'. Mobiles are beautiful to watch and music or bells are interesting to listen to. 

Although a baby with trisomy may not reach out to take a toy immediately, by holding it in front of baby, rattling it, turning it for the eyes to follow, placing it in baby's hands, they will begin to experience 'play'. The usual time for a Child Development Centre to offer a regular 'play, stimulation and physiotherapy' session is when baby is about 6 months old, but much can be done before that at home by parents and visiting therapists. Hydrotherapy is another excellent means of stimulation and fun and therapy for stiff muscles and limbs.

Beth had a felt ball with bells in it which we used to put in her hands and shake gently’

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