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Support from Other Families

When SOFT UK was set-up in 1991, many families felt alone in their experiences. Today, it is possible to reach out to other families to share experiences.


  • When you register on the SOFT UK website, you can contact families who live in your area.
  • You can also contact families caring for children with the same condition.
  • As a member of SOFT UK, you can join other SOFT families at one of our regular family events. 
  • When you join, you can choose to receive a printed or emailed copy of the twice-yearly SOFT UK newsletter.

Family Blogs

Many families around the world have shared their experiences online. Here are links to just some of these blogs and YouTube channels. SOFT UK is not responsible for any of the content, but please get in touch if there is a link that you think should be removed (or added).

Cerys Megan Watts http://ceryswatts.co.uk

Isabel https://ourmiracledaughter.wordpress.com

Sadie http://lifewithoutsadie.yolasite.com

Lior http://lior-mylight.blogspot.co.uk

Motherhood Journeys http://motherhoodjourneys.com

Brandon https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC2qlncpSw1IjWsSJrukqXA

Heni http://henibean.blogspot.co.uk

Keren http://kerenowens.com/blog/

Kayli http://trisomy18.blogspot.com/

Lilly http://pray4lilly.blogspot.co.uk

Zane http://www.mylifewithzane.blogspot.com/

Natalia http://embracelifeonemomentatatime.blogspot.com/  

Sephora http://sephoraanangelsjourney.wordpress.com/

Kayden http://hopeintrisomy18.blogspot.com/

Mylah http://www.mylahsjourney.com