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aileen mckenna

Hi my name is Aileen mc kenna. I became a volunteer for soft uk just recently. 24 years ago I give birth to my third little girl, Shannon Rose. What should have been a happy time for us turned to sadness when just after I give birth, Shannon was diagnosed with Edwards syndrome. Nobody in the hospital could tell us very much as this was the first baby born with trisomy 18 in craigavon hospital. Shannon lived only 5 1/2 weeks before she grew her angel wings. I still knew very little about this syndrome. My only wish is that at that time I could have had the  chance to  speak to someone who had gone through this or at least knew a little bit about this.

Through soft I can let people know that if they need to talk to someone who has gone through this they can contact me or any soft volunteer, and that somebody is always at the other end of a phone line if the need to talk. When you feel that you're the only one in the whole word to have gone through this, that somebody else knows just how you feel. Thank you soft uk for giving me the chance now to help in a way I never had years ago.

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