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Amanda Talbot

I am Amanda and one of the telephone and email support helpers at SOFT. I first became involved with SOFT in 1995 when we got the news when I was 22 weeks pregnant with our second son Joshua that he had trisomy 13.

We chose to carry on with the pregnancy, and during this difficult time the information and support from SOFT was very helpful.

Joshua was born in October 1995 and died in Feb 1996 - a very special four months for us as a family. The following year we had healthy twin boys, Samuel and Jacob.

I now work as a teaching assistant in a local boys secondary school and with three teenage sons of my own I am kept pretty busy! 
I have been a rep for SOFT for a number of years, answering telephone calls and more recently emails from parents needing support.  Although it is now a number of years ago that I was caring for a child with a trisomy myself, I believe I can still empathise with newer parents and hope I am able to be of some help to them, Mandy.

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