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liz egan

Hi my name is Liz and I have been a member of SOFT since 1995. My first baby, Kieran was born in 1995 with T18 (Edwards' Syndrome). Kieran lived for 8 days. I had contact while still in the hospital when I needed it most and it was amazing to speak to someone who knew exactly how I was feeling.

Although a very short time we have many precious photos, videos and memories that will stay with us forever. I had always had a ‘feeling’ that there was something wrong with my baby, but because it was my first baby doctors felt I was being over anxious.

I had excess fluid and Kieran had a slower heartbeat than normal, I never felt the kind of movements other mums would talk about and I was small looking.  I had a detailed scan at 37 weeks and still nothing was detected. I was told my baby was around 7.5 pounds and everything looked normal. Kieran was born weighing 4lb 5 oz and had everything wrong with him. I am glad that I did not know about T18 during my pregnancy, it wouldn’t have changed my decision, I would still have continued with my pregnancy, Kieran would still have been born but it would have been even more worrying.

The support I received from SOFT when Kieran was born invaluable. I became the Scottish Rep in 2000 because I wanted to be there to help give information and support when it is needed most.

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