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Sadie's Star

Sadie's Star is a beautiful new book by Samara Collins. Buy a copy for £4.99 +P&P direct from Samara and help support SOFT. 

"When I was about 4 months pregnant with my son Patrick, Sadie, our first-born died at the age of 8 and a half months.  She had full Trisomy 18 and I’ve enjoyed writing articles about her here in the past.

Whilst grieving and anticipating Pat’s birth I decided to write a book for Pat about his sister so that when he would begin to ask questions, we would have something tangible to help him.  I started to think about what I wanted to say to him as a young boy.  I wrote Sadie’s Star and decided to sketch some (rather poor) illustrations and place this on Sadie’s website so that others could take a look.  Friends and family printed it and read it to their children and those who had remembered Sadie had found it helpful. 

A few months back Demi (Powell) and I discussed the book and she helped me to look into publishing this.  A friend of Demi’s, Erica Brown (an author of books about bereaved children) took a look and kindly wrote a lovely forward for the book.  This really spurred me on to get this published and with lots of help and advice from friends I got cracking.  A friend of my mother-in-law, Rachel Walker worked on the illustrations for me and then my very good friend, Amy Townsend, worked with her design team at Ultimate Creative Communications to really bring the book to life.  The kindness and generosity has been amazing and SOFT supported me greatly in getting this done.

The book is now on sale at £4.99 plus P&P and proceeds go back into further distribution costs and to children’s charities including SOFT UK and Francis House Children’s Hospice.  I have not been able to get this set up on Amazon yet, but books are available initially from me directly (Samara.Collins@btinternet.com).

I am so touched by how warmly welcomed the book has been and it fills me with emotion to know that this is a lovely legacy for my little girl.  On 10th September it will be 3 years since we said goodbye and the grief is very raw again, but I hope that the book does provide hope for families that we can find peace and comfort eventually". Samara Collins

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