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Amy 24/03/2011

Amy was delivered by c-section at 33 weeks gestation as a scan showed she had stopped growing and there was a problem with the blood flow to her. Amy was diagnosed with full trisomy 18 at around three weeks old. Thats when our lives changed forever!!

Amy weighed a tiny 2lb 11oz when she was born. she was taken straight to the special care unit, which became her home for ten weeks. as her stomach was so tiny and underdeveloped, she was fed just half a ml of milk every hour by OG tube, which was gradually increased each day. She has come on leaps and bounds since then. Amy really seemed to turn a corner after her first birthday and things seemed to get a lot easier and more manageable! She has a nasapharangeal airway inserted up her nostril to help keep her airway open, as her upper airway kept obstructing. Now she has that, her breathing and SATS overnight have been much better!! She even gives us the occasional seven hours undisturbed sleep, which was unheard of before the airway was placed! Her development is very delayed but she IS developing and learning new things all the time-just at a much slower pace than the 'norm'!! She is my beautiful ray of sunshine and we are all so proud of her and cherish every day we have with her! She is so much fun and ALWAYS has a smile waiting for you when you look at her! She has a lot of complex problems and there are hard decisions to make sometimes but its all worth while when you see how well she is doing!!

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Condition: T18
Relationship: mother