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Baby 02/03/2011 – 02/03/2011

12 week scan showed a massive exomphalos, bloods showed 1:5 for edwards, cvs confirmed

Baby Read 2.03.11

On Monday 21st Feb, I went for my 12 week scan, there I found out my baby had exomphalos, sometimes called omphalocele. Ttis occurs when the abdomen fails to close around the base of the umbilical cord during the early development of the baby. The size of the exomphalos depends on the number of organs exposed. This is usually the bowel but may include the liver and other organs. The sac containing the exposed organs is usually covered in a protective membrane. The abdominal cavity is sometimes smaller in exomphalos children due to the organs growing externally. In about 30% of cases exomphalos occurs in conjunction with other birth defects such as chromosome problems.

 I had my bloods done that day, and was also told I was being refered to Cambridge Addenbrookes, where I had an appointment on the Friday for a detailed scan and also a cvs. When I got there they had my blood results. Not good, not only were my hormone levels very very low but the Down’s risk was 1:25 with Edwards 1:5. The doctor gave me odd's of 1:2 so 50/50 on having a baby with Edwards. On Monday my phone rang and they told me the baby did have Edwards, and I went to hospital on Tuesday 1st March to be booked in for a termination for Wednesday 2nd March. As it was 12 weeks 5 days I was put to sleep and 30 minutes later it was all over. As the pregnancy was over 12 weeks I was able to have a Funeral Service held by the hospital Chaplin, and I have a little grave to go with a little stone at the graveyard with all the other babies.

One month later I had a monthly, then the next month nothing so I did a test but it was negative. The next month still nothing so I did another test and this time it was positive. I went for a scan on the 29th June and found out I was 11 weeks pregnant and due 19th January 2012. Fingers crossed this time it will all be ok.  I have 2 boys age 6 and 3, Hayden Orlando Christopher 8th june 2005, Liam Tyler George 3rd july 2008

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