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Chantal 13/05/1991 – 17/07/1991

Chantal was our first daughter. She was born with Trisomy 18 and lived among us for a few weeks.

When Chantal was born with certain problems on May 13th 1991 it was a shock to us and to the medical staff as we did not anticipate any problems and the local Maternity Unit did not have the knowledge of her condition. She was rushed to Great Ormond Street Hospital who told us she was a trisomy 18 baby and they could not tell us what her life expectancy would be.

During Chantal's birth, short life and death, we have received tremendous help from what we see as the only source: God, through his people praying for us in our parish, simply opening our eyes wider to His wonderful creation. All of this has strengthened us. He provided us with a sense of direction when we were disorientated. We asked all the questions: "Why us?, what's the reason for such a short life?, Why are people disabled?" etc, etc, The realisation that these questions cannot be answered only helped strengthen the sense of wonder of life. Here on earth life is peppered with imperfections, but new life is still a miracle. Chantal's life was perfect, her body was not.

A wonderful poem from an unknown source was read at her funeral, you can read it here.

Since then we have had a perfectly healthy girl, St├ęphanie to complete our family.


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Condition: T18
Relationship: Father