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Oh dear! A quarter of a century has  already gone since Chantal was born 25 years ago today: Happy Birthday Chantal!

Twenty years ago today our little baby Chantal died in my arms to join the angels in heaven. 

You have not been forgotten Chantal.

Your Dad and family

Twenty years ago after Chantal was called to join the angels we made a video (VHS in those days) of her to remind ourselves of her short live in our family.

Although we have not been able to upload the original video (it was far too long) we converted it to a web format, which means all our family and friends can now share it with us where ever they are in the world!

You can watch the video here

Chantal lives in our hearts!

You would have been 20 years old today. Who would have thought all these years ago that your short life would still have a relevance and an impact on what's happening to your family twenty years after?

Your Dad, forever.

Chantal and family

Chantal was born on May 13th 1991 diagnosed with trisomy 18.

She died in my arms on July 17th.

This blog will allow our family and our friends to remember you in our hearts. 

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