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Charlotte Erika

Charlotte Erika 30/08/2013

Writing her own story...

Charlotte was born with Trisomy 18 mosaic. We left hospital with the prediction that we would loose her in the coming weeks. Lotte though had her own mind about her future. She is just over 2 1/2 years old, starting to walk independently, saying first words. She is clever, suddenly using lots of Makaton signs to communicate. We had some issues regarding her health but her heart and liver have healed themselves, adenoids have been removed and the glue ears cleared. She is growing, slowly but steady.

With heavy hearts we decided that she should attend a full-time Day Care once she was one. A good decision as we found out later as she input of professionals and friendships with other children on a daily basis is helping her development since then. We already plan to defer her Reception starting date for one year to give her a good chance to catch up and to be better prepared to follow her school education.

It is not always easy to be positive and manage all that you have to deal with but seeing her sweet face light up seeing me to pick her up from Day Care, calling and signing Mummy, standing up and walking towards me makes it all worth it.

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Charlotte Erika

Condition: T18
Relationship: Mother