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Chloe-Alexia 07/05/2012 – 16/05/2012

At the beginning of September I found out I was expecting my first baby, I was so happy it was unbelievable. My mum and baby's daddy came with me to every ultrasound and every time we asked was the baby okay and everytime they answered 'yes you're baby is perfectly healthy, she is a very active little girl'. I didn't have any complications appart from I had lots of kidney infections and at my 30 week scan we was told the baby wasnt growing properly and put my dates back 6weeks. Anyway long story short, My daughter Chloe-Alexia was born on the 7th May 2012 at08:11am weighing a nice healthy 6lb 2oz, she was born grey with a very flat face (we never knew she had Patau Syndrome at this stage, they should have been looking out for her left lip/palate as we told our consultant about my grandad who had a cleft lip) it was very scary i thought she was dead she didn't cry. We had a meeting when Chloe was 7hour's old and was told they were 99% sure she had Trisomy 13. When Chloe was 5days old the results came back positive for Trisomy 13, she was then allowed to come into mine and her dads room until she had enough. She had quite a few episodes and the first time I held her she went a blue/purple colour it was terrifying. I was only just 18 and her dad was 16 turning 17 so for us we had never seen anything like this in our lives, when Chloe was 9 and a half days old on the 16th May 2012 she was in my older brother Mikeys arms where she went that blue/purple colour again so we gave her oxygen then me and her daddy gave her, her first and last bath, 30 minutes later she took her last breath and went up to heaven around 3:30pm.The words "sorry there is no heart beat or pulse she has gone" will haunt me until the day i join my baby girl.
(I tried to make it as short as possible)

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Condition: T13
Relationship: Mother