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Ella-Mae 28/04/2006 – 04/05/2006

Ella-Mae was born with us having no knowledge of her condition. After numerous scans not one thing was picked up.
She lived for 7 days,and gave a life time of love in her short time here with us xxx

My beautiful girl came into this world all by her strong little self. She was amazing to get that far as none of her symptoms had been noticed or picked up throughout my pregnancy. We had lots of ups&downs in the 7 days she was with us and as a young mum with no idea of what was happening it was the worst heartbreak iv ever felt. 

My other two children had to say goodbye to this little baby that we had all been longing for. It was the most terrible feeling!

Ella-Mae held on for 7 special days and then slipped away in mummy's arms. I wish I could have that time again to appreciate every second I had.

SOFT Child


Condition: T13
Relationship: Mum