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Eve Charlotte (4 Jan 2010 - 4 Feb 2010)


The day had arrived when I would meet my baby. I was 42 weeks pregnant and going into hospital to have my 
labour induced. At 11.12pm on Monday 4th January 2010 my beautiful baby girl Eve Charlotte was born. Eve weighed 5lb 8oz and was much smaller than my other two girls Ellie and Grace when they were born. Eve was perfect. 

Through the night concerns were raised because Eve never cried for a feed. We tried to feed Eve but she wasn't taking anything. Eve was taken to the special care baby unit and a tube was fitted through her nose so we could feed her. However, Eve had problems digesting the formula so she had to be put on a drip. A couple of days later Eve was weaned on to milk as well as her drip. Finally Eve was just having milk. Great I thought it wouldn’t be long until Eve can take a bottle and I can take her home.

When Eve was a couple of days old the paediatric consultant came to see her. Members of staff had raised concerns because Eve was very small compared to her sisters at birth and that Eve's ears were lower then they should be. I couldn't see any problem with her ears. She was perfect, how dare they say different? The consultant decided that he would come back in a week and see Eve again. At that point we thought there was no problem as surely he would know and wouldn't want to leave it for a week.

The week went by and we tried Eve with a bottle before tube feeding her. Eve took very little from the bottle but I kept thinking she would get there in the end. Every day my older children Ellie 4
years and Grace 2 years would come and visit their baby sister who they loved so much. The week went over and the consultant came back with a decision to do genetic test on Eve. He said if the results came back bad then Eve would have mental and physical disabilities. I thought our world had fallen apart. We were told we would have to wait about 3 days for the results.


That evening we talked, we cried and in the end it hit us we could cope with Eve being disabled as at least we still had her.  The next morning the consultant came back to the ward and asked me to get my husband to come as soon as possible as the results were back. My husband Chris came to the hospital and we sat in the parent’s room with our older two children. That’s when our world fell apart..... We were told Eve had Edwards’ syndrome and she wouldn't live for very long. My heart broke in two and I started to grieve instantly. A couple of days later we brought Eve home. We had two weeks at home trying to collect memories with our three beautiful girls together.

Then Eve started to stop breathing for short periods of time. I sat up with Eve all through her last night at home nursing her, and she would stop breathing for a few seconds then start to panic. In the morning our family GP called in and he asked if we wanted to take Eve back to hospital and I said yes. We realised Eve needed some extra help and it wouldn't have been fair on her to keep her at home. When we reached the hospital the fantastic staff that had known Eve since the second she was born were waiting on her with open arms. Eve instantly calmed down, as she knew where she was. Eve's breathing continued to get worse throughout the night. The staff called the consultant and he came to the hospital immediately. Then we realised
this was it. My precious baby girl was close to the end of her short little life.

All night Eve repeatedly stopped breathing, every time it would be for a longer period of time. Every time we thought that she had taken her last breath but then she would breath again after several minutes. She was a fighter. She had fought to be born and she was going to fight till the very end. On the 4th Feb 2010, my husband’s birthday, Eve was still fighting for her life and struggling to breathe. I begged with her to follow the angels as she had struggled to breathe for two days now. I told her...
“It's ok you can go follow the angels”, but she kept fighting.

At about 10am I rang my mum and told her to bring my older girls straight away as maybe Eve was waiting for them. Every time Eve stopped breathing I would look at the nurse and she would nod as to say that was it, she had gone but then Eve would find strength and start again. At 11.12am, 12 hours short of being exactly one month old, as my older daughters pushed down on the door handle of the hospital room; Eve stopped breathing and never started again. My angel was waiting for her sisters.

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