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Katie (1995 - 2013)

Katy 1

Katie passed away in January 2013. Carole and Mike Bull wrote a very moving account of Katie's life, which was published in the Spring/Summer 2013 members' magazine. 

January 2013

Well it’s with great sadness Mike and I have to say our beautiful little girl has gone to join the angels in heaven. She was such a joy to have been in our lives. It would have been her 18th year this year, she was a strong willed young lady who loved life in her own little way (I guess it was the ginger hair). She knew how to get our attention, loved people and bright things. Her sight might have been bad but she had a way of putting everything to her good eye and examining every detail.

In her life she had travelled - Canada camping in a tent in the mountains, Switzerland in the snow, France. She loved shopping, swimming - the water, I think she felt free in it - and people. She always knew how to get their attention, pulling at coats if they did not talk to her.

School, she could not wait to get there and she seemed to touch the hearts of all who knew her and we will miss her terribly.

July 2011

Well, who would have believed it? We came home with Katie, our little scrap of a baby, at six weeks old. Katie has trisomy 13 and we were foster parents and had been asked if we would foster Katie.  I admit we were a little scared because we could see our beautiful bundle was sick, but we knew that when we were asked to foster her. 

2010 083

 I had to check with our four boys to see how they felt, but they could not refuse. I went to the hospital a few times to get used to administering the oxygen, feeding her etc. She was so small because she had full trisomy 13 and I don't think we knew what a full time job it was going to be. Having said that, Katie has given us so much pleasure. The hospital visits are endless and regular admittance, can be tiring, but Katie is a very determined young lady and she has a way with her that everyone loves. Katie goes to a wonderful school that can meet her needs until she finishes her education. She has a beautiful smile, is happy in the water, enjoys roundabouts, and loves horses and riding on them. 

Katie can walk with help although it will not be forever as her legs are fusing, and she is deaf and partially sighted. We have just had a bad spell in hospital but she is much better. She has recently gone away for a week on her first holiday alone, an adventure week especially for children like her. I don't know how she will get on without her television as she is a real addict when it comes to television time! 

Katie now lives in a wonderful unit, a bungalow with three other handicapped teenagers. It was very difficult to let her go but she is quite heavy now and we are no longer spring chickens! Having said that she is very happy and we see her at least once or twice a week to take her out, so we have become independent visitors but still her mum and dad.

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