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Isla-Grace Helen

Isla-Grace Helen 17/07/2014 – 16/07/2014

My precious Isla-Grace became an angel too soon, at 30 weeks, in my tummy on 16th July 2014. She was born on July 17th to me, her proud Daddy, and her older sister and brother. We will miss you til the end of time sweetheart but know you'll be watching over us now.

My husband and I found out at the 20 week scan that everything may not be ok with my precious baby. This came as a shock as everything was fine at the 12 week scan and at that time she had grown exactly according to plan as we also had an 8 week scan. So at 20 weeks we were told that due to baby's head measuring a week small, we were being referred to fetal medicine and would have to go to the main hospital to get another scan. I was afraid I didn't have the whole story as to be referred the next day, they must have thought it more serious. Right when I walked into the scan room the next day, the consultant said, your baby has talipes? I was like "What??!" So I knew I didn't have the whole story. After the scan the consultant advised us to get an amniocentesis as the baby was 2 weeks small all over and with the uncertainty in her feet as well as a brain measurement, there could be a genetic problem. I decided to do this as my 2 year old son was born small and is still under the growth charts and even though he continues to be tested, they can't find anything wrong with him. So I felt an amniocentesis would put my mind at rest as I was sure I was going to find out everything was fine with this baby.

Well we received the news 2 days later that she had Patau's. In the 2 days leading up to this, me being an anxious mom had read google like crazy and had come across this syndrome, but seeing the statistics of how rare it was, was convinced that couldn't happen to me. So when she told me, our stunned nightmare began. Both my husband and I have been grieving for our baby since this day we found out, but made the excruciating decision to carry on in hopes of meeting our baby face to face, if only for an hour.

I started bleeding at 2am when I was 30 weeks, went to hospital and my waters broke. They did a scan and her precious heart was still beating. I guess I was naive as I assumed that because my waters broke that she would be born in the next day and that she would be alive! Well 12 hours later that evening, they did another check and my angel had flown away.

Isla-Grace was born the next day and she was so beautiful and I'm grateful for those next couple days where I stayed at the hospital and could see her when I wanted. We spent hours holding her. And although she was beautiful just the way she was, i couldn't believe then nor probably now, 4 weeks later that she was gone. 

You are so loved and missed Isla-Grace. Your 4 year old sister who so much wanted to feed you and change you and dress you, she prays for you every night. And your 2 year old big brother is such a character but I know you will be looking down on him too and see that he's the best big brother you could ask for. You are mommy's baby doll now and always. Me and daddy love you every minute of everyday. Thank you for being so brave and for being our very own precious angel.

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Isla-Grace Helen

Condition: T13
Relationship: Mommy