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24 weeks and counting


Suddenly my pregnancy had got to that magical 24 weeks, the point at which they term a baby 'viable'. Whilst I knew giving birth at this stage would be dangerous, I felt a sense of peace creep over me, whatever happened from this point onwards Liam would be recognised as a child and not 'just' a miscarriage. He had started to interact with me also, kicking back when I prodded him, or if I sang or listened to the radio, although his choice of music may not be mine!

We had been for another appointment by this stage, which had left us both hugely disappointed in our consultant. He had talked to us as if Liam wouldn't make it, listed his abnormalities like a medical journal and ushered us out of the room without even a new scan picture to keep. Once we got home the anger had set in. I spoke to a good friend on the phone about it all, which made me feel a whole lot better and determined to change my consultant. 

I did a bit more research online, figuring out that really the only worrying thing was that Liam had a massive hole in his heart, in the worst possible place it could be. His other abnormalities such as his clenched hands and rocker bottom feet were nothing when compared to that. We were suddenly looking at what could possibly be the cause of his passing, it made it all real again and for a while we seemed right back where we started, hearing that first diagnosis.

A few more weeks passed and back to the hospital we went for our 24 week check up. This time I was greeted by a different consultant, one that had safely delivered a little boy with Edwards Syndrome a a few weeks ago. She couldn't have been any more different to the other guy, she sat and explained things to us, spoke about how well the other child was doing and boosted our spirits about it all. Then she printed us off not one but four new pictures of Liam and told us to never go away sad from the hospital again. I decided on the spot that this lady would be the one to deliver Liam.


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Liam was diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome (T18) at 15 weeks, we were offered a termination but decided against this and to let Liam choose his path in life. Liam was born 9 weeks early, weighing just over 2lb and fought for all he was worth for 23 precious days before growing his angel wings. This is his story...

This was originally published as a blog during my pregnancy and Liam's short life. I have kept it in its original form as it tells the story so much better than I could now.


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