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Big bump ..Little bump

A couple of weeks have passed since my last update, things have been busy to say the least. We managed to get to Yorkshire one more time before Liam arrives, and had a great time seeing friends and family. It will definitely be my last long journey though, due to the fluid build up from driving, my ankles and knees were almost unrecognisable after the weekend!! The fluid has become a real problem now, what first started in a similar way to my other T18 mummy friends escalated out of control considering how many weeks I was. The normal range for a pregnant woman is around 25 cms (or 1 litre) of fluid. At 20 weeks mine was normal, at 24 weeks it had risen to 28, nothing major but they wanted to keep an eye on it. At 28 weeks it was 34 cms, and the following week the midwife decided enough was enough and sent me in to discuss an amnio reduction.

Yesterday I went for my appointment and another scan to assess the situation, they didn't really need to tell me the fluids had risen again, I could feel it, I haven't been able to sit, stand, sleep or ANYTHING comfortably for a week. They arranged the procedure for the following day. This morning I woke up very apprehensive, the consultant had said to me that the procedure could bring on early labour, just the thing I am trying to avoid, and made me sign a consent form .. those things always make me a little uneasy.

As the needle was inserted in my tummy Liam immediately started kicking at the pointy thing invading his private space! Tell me again these children have no sense of what is going on around them?? They drained over two and a half litres of fluid from me, which I watched with amazement, as the jug filled with a frothy yellow liquid, Liam's swimming pool slowly disappeared on the screen, poor lad has been twisting and turning ever since trying to fit into his new more compact accommodation. 

I wish now I had taken before and after photos, the relief is immense, my bump has halved in size and I can walk more than two steps without getting breathless!! I will sleep well tonight that's for sure :)


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Liam was diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome (T18) at 15 weeks, we were offered a termination but decided against this and to let Liam choose his path in life. Liam was born 9 weeks early, weighing just over 2lb and fought for all he was worth for 23 precious days before growing his angel wings. This is his story...

This was originally published as a blog during my pregnancy and Liam's short life. I have kept it in its original form as it tells the story so much better than I could now.


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