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Birthday Surprises.....Liam's sneaky arrival!!!

1 hour old


At around 1am this morning I started to have some strong Braxton hicks contractions. After yesterdays amnio reduction it didn't surprise me much, so I carried on watching TV in bed and made a mental note of how many I was getting. After half an hour or so it was obvious I was having a few too many. They weren't any stronger than my normal Braxton hicks but something told me that I should start timing them. Steve sat there with his mobile phone set to stopwatch and we began. Twenty minutes later I was on the phone to the Labour ward, telling her about my reduction and the contractions and she advised we came in to be monitored for a while.

We arrived there just after 2.30am. They hadn't got any worse at all, but were still coming regularly. I was strapped to the monitor and left for a bit so they could get a trace. The registrar visited us and said that although I was contracting I wasn't in labour, so they could stop altogether, we sat there for a little while willing them to go away. At 31 weeks Liam would be born far too early for a regular baby, for a baby with Edwards Syndrome this was looking extremely grim.

At about 4am the contractions gained in intensity, they were still around 2 minutes apart but there was no mistaking the feeling anymore for practise contractions, this was the real thing. My emotions were all over the place, I didn't want to be here having my little man this early. I was convinced at this point he would not be born alive. To make matters worse during one particularly intense contraction I smelt the unmistakable smell of my Nan's perfume. I was sniffing the air around me frantically, trying to work out where this smell was coming from but no one else was there, it had to be her. Had she come to take Liam with her? I broke down crying and had a mini panic attack, I was trying to breathe, cry and keep Liam safe all at the same time. I couldn't even tell Steve what was wrong, I didn't want to scare him too.

Shortly after this I was taken to the labour ward, and no sooner had I been placed onto a bed and strapped up again than I was off it to go for a wee!! Back on the bed I said to Steve, what is wrong with me, I need to go again, at that point my waters broke and with the next contraction I had the overwhelming urge to push. I had only just got into the room at this point, so knew I shouldn't be pushing and tried my utmost not to but Liam had other ideas and flew out onto the bed in front of me leaving even the midwife speechless for a few seconds. It was 5.10 am.

Steve and I looked at him, he was pink in colour but not making a sound, we feared the worse as he was whisked off by the paediatrician and taken across the room. The room fell completely silent as we waited to see if our son would have the same birth and death time. Suddenly there was a tiny little cry from Liam, it was so tiny I didn't even hear it. Steve did though and told me and we listened hard to see if he would make another sound. He did, two more little wails escaped from his lips and I have to say I have never heard anything so beautiful in my entire life. My son was alive!

He was wrapped in a little plastic bag, and a tube inserted to help him breathe. Then they called Steve over quickly to take a look before he had to go up to the NICU. As he went across and said 'Hello Liam' our beautiful son opened his eyes and glanced sideways at his daddy. They quickly showed him to me before popping him in his 'Mega Cot' and took him off to the NICU.

My gorgeous brave little Miracle boy is here !!! He weighs 2lbs 2oz and is doing really well, in intensive care, but docs are really happy with him :):)


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Liam was diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome (T18) at 15 weeks, we were offered a termination but decided against this and to let Liam choose his path in life. Liam was born 9 weeks early, weighing just over 2lb and fought for all he was worth for 23 precious days before growing his angel wings. This is his story...

This was originally published as a blog during my pregnancy and Liam's short life. I have kept it in its original form as it tells the story so much better than I could now.


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