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My Little Man

little man

I have had a full nights sleep, am up and ready to go see Liam.... but have to wait until 12 arghhhh!! They don't like people in before 12 because the doctors do their rounds then and are discussing all babies, confidentiality and all that, they let us in yesterday because we had just had him but for the rest of the time, we have to wait :( 

I think little man will be there until Xmas, he'd be home sooner but because of his condition its going to take longer to stabilize him and get things working right, they are saying right now its impossible to tell, so I am hoping Xmas. I feel fine, like I haven't had a baby, labour was natural and very very short, just 20 minutes recorded time in delivery suite, but I did have a couple of hours of twinges before that, thank God or I would have had him at home!


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Liam was diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome (T18) at 15 weeks, we were offered a termination but decided against this and to let Liam choose his path in life. Liam was born 9 weeks early, weighing just over 2lb and fought for all he was worth for 23 precious days before growing his angel wings. This is his story...

This was originally published as a blog during my pregnancy and Liam's short life. I have kept it in its original form as it tells the story so much better than I could now.


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