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Nimmi 21/07/2014

Nimmi was born with Edwards Syndrome. She is now 18 months young. She is a very happy baby. She laughs a lot, loves watching footbal and likes to play, reaching out for her toys. She amazes us everyday.
Unfortunately, she doesn't sleep well especially at night. She suffers with collic still and this is what keeps her awake or wakes her up the most. She has an enlarged liver, giving her Jaundice.
Nimmi drinks her milk throughout the day and now is being introduced to other different tastes, yoghurts and purees, which she loves. Her muscle tone continues to improve with physio and hydro therapy.
Nimmi continues to enrich our lives with her learning and development each day. We never imagined we would get this far. She truly is compatible with our lives

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Condition: T18
Relationship: Mother