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SOFT UK Children - listed by date


Below is a list of all the SOFT UK babies and children, with the most recently born at the top.

Please note that all information is uploaded and maintained by families themselves. Some children's information will only be available to members, as per their parents' wishes.  If you cannot find a baby or child you are looking for, this could be the reason why.  

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Maya Kujoth   - 02/05/2014

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My baby was diagnosed with Patau's Syndrome. I lost Maya when i was 14 weeks preganant...

Callie Taylor   - 29/08/2014

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Callie was born sleeping at 29 weeks after being diagnosed at 26 weeks. Sleep tight button. All my love forever Mummy xxx

Lilian Matika   - 08/12/2014

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Forced to have a termination for medical reasons (T18) at 14w 2d. God has called back his angel. Till we meet again darling daughter. Rest in everlasting peace. Mum and Dad

Blossom Field   - 10/04/2015

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Baby Blossom lost at 11 weeks, much wanted second sister, to James age 4

Still currently pregnant with our precious little boy, we only found out 7 days ago that he has trisomy 18/Edwards syndrome.

Christian Goedhart-Dowd   - 15/10/2002

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I had a cvs test and he was diagnosed with Patau Syndrome. I terminated the pregnancy.
My daughter was stillborn 7 months before from Edwards Syndrome.