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SOFT UK Children - listed by date


Below is a list of all the SOFT UK babies and children, with the most recently born at the top.

Please note that all information is uploaded and maintained by families themselves. Some children's information will only be available to members, as per their parents' wishes.  If you cannot find a baby or child you are looking for, this could be the reason why.  

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Henry Thomas Singleton-Carby   27/04/2012 - 27/04/2012

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Our beautiful boy was born fast asleep having been diagnosed with Trisomy 13 previously. He went on ahead of us to be an Angel to look over us till we get there and take over. x

Jessica Leanne Lomas-Nield   13/04/2012 - 13/04/2012

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On the 20 week scan it was picked up that Jess had edwards syndrome, which was confirmed by amnio at 28 weeks We chose not to terminate as we wanted her to decided when she went to sleep. She was b...

Brooke India Derrick   31/03/2012

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Our beautiful daughter Brooke was born sleeping on 31st march at 23.02pm. We hadnt heard of Edwards Syndrome till we got told at our 20 week scan that Brooke had it. We miss her more every day but...

Ayla Hope Reading   01/02/2012 - 04/02/2012

SOFT Child

I am truly honoured to be Ayla's Mummy, after the 9 months growing inside me and being incredibly active she was with us for 3 days and has touched so many people's hearts. She was a beautiful gir...

Cerys Watts   19/01/2012 - 15/05/2012

SOFT Child

Cerys was born with Edwards Syndrome which had gone un-detected during my pregnancy, and came as a huge shock. Despite the damning prognosis that we received, we managed to take Cerys home, and hav...

Sonny Davison   08/11/2011 - 08/11/2011

SOFT Child

Sonny was stillborn following a diagnosis of full trisomy 18.
He was beautiful. We miss him everyday.

James   05/11/2011 - 05/11/2011

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James heart stopped on 3/11/11 and we gave birth to him on 5/11/11 he was our hope and dreams after 2 prior mc and he is our firstborn x

Angel Rose   20/09/2011 - 20/09/2011

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Angel Rose born sleeping on 20th sept 2011 from patau syndrome and trisomy 13

Hebe Saunderson   09/09/2011

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Hebe left us in the very early hours of Friday 9 September 2011. She was my first and only child and I miss her every day.

Eva Rose Crossley   16/08/2011 - 18/10/2011

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We did not know Eva had Edwards Syndrome when she was born, the first four weeks of her life where filled with so much pain for her and us. We did however manage to take her home for eight beautifu...