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SOFT UK Children - listed by date


Below is a list of all the SOFT UK babies and children, with the most recently born at the top.

Please note that all information is uploaded and maintained by families themselves. Some children's information will only be available to members, as per their parents' wishes.  If you cannot find a baby or child you are looking for, this could be the reason why.  

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Imogen Shouler   03/05/2011 - 08/05/2011

SOFT Child

Imogen was born at 39 weeks with full T13 at 08:24 on 3rd May 2011 We knew she had T13 already so we had prepared ourselves for the worse. She amazed the drs by living for 5 days and sadly went to...

star knowlton   01/05/2011 - 01/05/2011

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Our beautiful baby star was born on Mayday 2011 at only 21 weeks after having a prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 18, she will forever be a part of our family.

Amy Brayley   24/03/2011

SOFT Child

Amy was delivered by c-section at 33 weeks gestation as a scan showed she had stopped growing and there was a problem with the blood flow to her. Amy was diagnosed with full trisomy 18 at around th...

Baby Read   02/03/2011 - 02/03/2011

SOFT Child

12 week scan showed a massive exomphalos, bloods showed 1:5 for edwards, cvs confirmed

leon paul barry brown   02/03/2011

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leon was born with t18 hes gaining weight and enjoying feeds

Emily Rosa   26/02/2011 - 26/02/2011

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Leah Cerys Brookhouse   31/12/2010 - 06/02/2011

SOFT Child

My precious Daughter; Leah Cerys was born with Edwards Syndrome, and lived for 37 days. In that short time Leah would always let you know when it was time for a new nappy or she was hungry and we...

Csaba Dervadelin   30/12/2010

SOFT Child

Csaba was born in 2010 as our second son. It came as a shock, we were unaware of his illness during the pregnancy. We've been told that Csaba will not survive, and be ready for the worst. Today Csa...

destiny mai sellers   23/10/2010 - 23/10/2010

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destiny was diagnosed with patau syndrome (t13).

Dylan Edge   21/09/2010

SOFT Child

Dylan has T13mosaicism with congenital hyperinsulinism