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SOFT UK Children - listed by name


Below is a list of all the SOFT UK babies and children, in alphabetical order.

Please note that all information is uploaded and maintained by families themselves. Some children's information will only be available to members, as per their parents' wishes.  If you cannot find a baby or child you are looking for, this could be the reason why.  

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Charlotte Daisy Rayner   30/05/2012 - 19/06/2012

SOFT Child

always in our hearts - our baby angel x

Writing her own story...

Chloe-Alexia Wrightson Gallagher   07/05/2012 - 16/05/2012

SOFT Child

At the beginning of September I found out I was expecting my first baby, I was so happy it was unbelievable. My mum and baby's daddy came with me to every ultrasound and every time we asked was the...

Christian Goedhart-Dowd   - 15/10/2002

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I had a cvs test and he was diagnosed with Patau Syndrome. I terminated the pregnancy.
My daughter was stillborn 7 months before from Edwards Syndrome.

Colin Paterson   06/04/2006 - 06/04/2006

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My beautiful baby boy was lost to me April 2006. We are still grateful for the joy and happiness he brought to our family. Everyday we wish you were here. Love you to the moon & stars.

Csaba Dervadelin   30/12/2010

SOFT Child

Csaba was born in 2010 as our second son. It came as a shock, we were unaware of his illness during the pregnancy. We've been told that Csaba will not survive, and be ready for the worst. Today Csa...

Daisy Alexander   05/06/2015 - 05/06/2015

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Daisy was our fifth child.

Damilola Babatunde   22/10/2012 - 08/01/2013

SOFT Child

Mother to an angel that were undiagnosed until after birth

Darcie Angel Jalil   03/10/2014 - 19/01/2038

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My baby angel was born sleeping

destiny mai sellers   23/10/2010 - 23/10/2010

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destiny was diagnosed with patau syndrome (t13).