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Sophia 16/11/2014

my precious daughter was born on the 16th November weighing 6lb 2oz.I wasnt aware of her T18 until 4 days after.she has low setting ears ,a slighty smaller than average jaw.her heart has a ASD and a pda,she has a a sridor which causes her to breath noisy on rare ocassions.,other than that she heathy .and is the apple of my eye.she is currently under a paedrician and dietician ,who are doing a amazing job with helping gain weight ,she is currently wearing clothes her friends wear who are the same age.so shes doing fantastic,her doctor claims shes defied the odds,and hey after being told at 4 days she has 2-3 weeks of life left.and now 4 months later shes still stunning everyone with her energy for life..

SOFT Child


Condition: T18
Relationship: mother