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Teagan Louise

Teagan Louise 04/12/2013 – 27/12/2013

we didn't know!

Teagan is my second child, my pregnancy was normal, no different to my little boys the year before. I had the nuchal scan at 12 weeks along with the blood tests as I was 40 at the time, which came back low risk. My scan at 20 weeks took a long time but the baby wasn't playing the game and kept crossing her arms over her chest, however finally i was informed all was well. It was only at the 34 week growth scan (i had this due to a planned section because of previous surgery) that they found the baby was growth restricted, however doppler showed good blood flow so was rescanned 2 weeks later with a view to deciding whether to deliver at 37 or 39 weeks. the baby had continued to grow but not enough and therefore was delivered at 37+3 weeks. I asked what could cause the restricted growth and the only thing the Dr suggested was placental insufficiency. The baby's estimated weight was 4lb 11oz. On delivery she was 3lb 12oz!!!! She required rescucitation but was transferred to NICU where the staff were amazing and extremely supportive. Teagan was ventilated for 6 hours and had only 2 further episodes of apnea remedied by stimulus before progressing well. It was 6 days later we had the diagnosis of T18. Prior to this no Dr even suggested T18 and seemed confused as to why she had required such support and been so restricted. Subsequent scans showed a large VSD in the heart. We had her baptised and took her home when she was 11 days old. We spent the time creating as many memories as possible for us and for her older brother, 21 months at the time. Christmas parties and family and friends visits as well as playdates with her brothers friends. I even went to a breast feeding support group even though I wasn't directly breastfeeding her but tube feeding with EBM. We also booked a family photoshoot. Teagan started having apnea episodes on Christmas day but stayed with us until finally falling asleep on the 27th December 2 days later. She fell asleep in my arms with her dad holding us both. Her funeral was on the 4th January 2014. Everyone who met Teagan has expressed how much she touch their lives and how beautiful she was. I myself am extremely proud to have been her mummy and will never forget her. All our professional carers and support came to her funeral and i'm in regular contact with some of the nurses still. I had never heard of T18 or Edwards syndrome before this and I had no indication anything was wrong until 34 weeks. I have since  met a friend who terminated an Edwards baby at 20 weeks and in all honesty I may well have done the same had I known, however I am glad I got to meet my little angel and to have held her, cared for her and known her.  I'm glad i didn't know.

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Teagan Louise

Condition: T18
Relationship: Mother