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Toby Robert

Toby Robert 03/01/2006 – 07/01/2006

Toby, our amazing son, was born on 3rd Jan 2006 and shares his birthday with his amazing mummy. We spent 83 hours and 54mins together.

We knew Toby had a cleft lip and a heart defect but hoped they weren't connected. Upon his birth it became apparent that Toby had many problems and full Trisomy 13 was diagnosed. Our lives at that point were shattered. We felt anger, sadness and total disbelief. We knew we had to be strong for our daughter and for our son, Toby.

We spent an amazing 83 hours and 54 mins with Toby and his sister Amelia, a time we will never forget. Toby had to contend with so much in his short life. He was as beautiful and as brave as any man we have ever met. 

Toby needed to have an operation and was moved to Birmingham. Toby pulled through the operation and we spent that night listening to his gentle breathing, with everything in place to get him back to Shrewsbury the next morning. 

Toby decided he didn't want to make that journey and he died, in our arms and with dignity at 8.45am Jan 7th 2006. 

We miss him so much. We think about him everyday. We love him with all our hearts.

Toby made a difference, he is an inspiration and will never be forgotten.

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Toby Robert

Condition: T13
Relationship: Father