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How to Register

You can sign up online via Mailchimp on the following link JOIN SOFT UK

Benefits of Registering

  • SOFT UK Families can choose to be regularly updated about different areas of SOFT UK's work through our mailing lists.
  • SOFT UK Families can attend our Family Events across the UK.
  • SOFT UK Families can access our Closed Facebook Group.
  • SOFT UK Families can choose to get involved with the work of the charity, through fundraising, volunteering, awareness raising, etc.
  • SOFT UK Families may be invited to represent the charity at network events. 

Professional Registration

There is also a Professional Registration category, for professionals working with families affected by Trisomy, or with an interested in Trisomy related issues.  Registering as a professional means that you can stay up to date with all our Trisomy related news and we can tailor our communications to your specific needs.

SOFT UK Families

SOFT UK always seeks to maximise communication with the families we support and who support us. In order to do this to best effect we maintain a Families Register.  Registration is open to families who have been affected in any way by Trisomy, including any extended family members.

The Register helps us to plan the support we offer, as we can build a picture of the families we are supporting.  It also helps us communicate directly with you, so that you can keep up to date in exactly the way you want to.

It enables us to involve families more in the running of our services through consultation and representation.  It means we can link families in to relevant Trisomy work and sometimes to other families.

Importantly, the Families Register helps us evidence the growing need for support for Trisomy families with third party organisations.  We use it as evidence for Grant Funding applications, without this funding we could not run some of our vital services.  We can also use it as evidence of need when working alongside the NHS, Children’s Hospices and other vital services. 

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