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Bottle Feeding

There are many powdered and liquid infant formulas available, and the midwife will advise on what to use and how much to give. Babies may need frequent and smaller feeds. Enlarging the hole of an ordinary teat does not solve the feeding problems, and panic and choking soon result. Babies can swallow air when using ordinary feeders and this causes wind, vomiting and colic.

The Haberman Feeder is a specialist feeder designed to help babies who have a condition that makes feeding difficult. It concentrates the baby's sucking effort directly onto the milk in the teat so that even the weakest suck gets results and gives the baby complete control. Air swallowing is reduced, and babies with feeding difficulties and/or a cleft palate can benefit significantly. The parent can help the baby by gently squeezing and releasing the teat to control the amount of milk that flows into the baby's mouth.

  • You can buy versions of the Haberman feeder in the UK from online baby stores, eBay as well as direct from the manufacturers. The two main producers are Medela (SpecialNeeds Feeder (TM)) and Athrodax (The Haberman Feeder (TM)).
  • CLAPA (The Cleft Lip & Palate Association) has an online shop for specialist feeding equipment.



Colic is painful for a baby and distressing for the family. Smaller and more frequent feeds may help, and the Haberman Feeder can reduce the amount of air swallowed during a feed. The baby should be given a thorough medical examination to eliminate the possibility of other medical conditions, and in cases of severe colic, anti-gas medication may be prescribed.

NHS Choices has more information on colic.

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