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Eliana was a true blessing to Joey and I. She was only very little, but her personality shone through her big expressive eyes.  She certainly told us as her parents what she liked (cuddles, having a bath) and what she didn’t (being out in her cot, getting out of the bath). Even though from the day she was born she struggled for life, we thank God for the time we had with her.  Eliana has been taken from us so quickly and it has been a struggle to cope and find meaning.  Why did this happen? What is God’s purpose?

However, as we went through the motions and dragged ourselves out of the house, something dawned on me.  Consider the simple flower.  Flowers are beautiful, but their beauty is only for a short time.  They have been perfectly designed to fully fulfil a purpose, but once the purpose is fulfilled, they are gone.  Try as we might no amount of prayers, nutrients or careful care from even the most diligent and loving hands can keep the flower beyond its intended bloom.  Eliana was our precious flower.  She bloomed in our lives and filled us with joy.

Her passing fills us with much sorrow, but I take much comfort to know she fulfilled her purpose, and, unlike the flower, her impact on us will be everlasting.  So, even though Eliana’s bloom was short, I thank God for her beauty and for letting us have the honour of caring for her.  I’m also very thankful for the people who helped us throughout – our family, friends and the North Tyneside Community Nursing Team.

Chris, Daddy to Eliana

Created: 22/01/2019 14:17

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