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11 of Cali's favourite activities

Big mac switch

In our house this is attached to a lamp with spinny disco lights. Cali hits the button, the lights go on! Aaaahhhhh! Now off! Now on! Now off! The switch is attached to her P-Pod chair. It’s a good cause and effect toy.

When it’s hot she turns on and off a fan at her leisure.


Cali loves this suspended chair that C made for her. She loves to swing herself by pushing off with her feet. It’s soothing and good exercise for her legs.


Cali loves knowing what’s happening next – a slow get dressed/get ready for bed with plenty of time for her to join in with the bits she can is an activity in itself. There’s opportunity to work on a few signs like “more” and “finished”, it’s also a chance for her to feel in control as she knows what’s coming and how she can affect it. You can add fun additions to routines, for example, when I finish dressing Cali I always stand her up on her changing table, she stands there chuckling for a bit then slowly leans in for a cuddle. Cali has slightly different routines with C than she does with me and she won’t cross contaminate her daddy routine with her mummy routine. Little things like this give a great insight into how her mind and memory works.

Blue tooth speaker and vibrations

We recently found out Cali is deaf in one ear and has limited hearing in the other. Whilst we’ve been wondering about her hearing, she’s been busy learning to hear through vibrations. We have a blue tooth speaker which she loves to be near, especially when there’s plenty of bass. She also loves us drumming on the side of the bath when she is in it. When we stop and sign if she wants more she will wiggle one shoulder to show that she does.

Tumble form trolley

We borrow this from school when it’s holiday time, or when there’s a pandemic on. Cali has become proficient at pushing herself along. She’s known at school for her ability to speed down the corridors at an astonishing velocity. At home she tends to get stuck in corners like a fly against a window.


I am reading the same two books to Cali regularly. These are “Ten little fingers and ten little toes” by Mem Fox and “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr Seuss. I chose them because they are rhyming books which are fun to listen to and to read. I show them to her and she picks which one she wants first by looking at it (or she stares into the middle distance to let me know that she isn’t interested in being asked to choose). And then we cuddle up and as I read the book I tap out the rhythm on her. She seems to like this.

Screen time

Cali will play with quite a variety of cause and effect apps. She also loves watching aquarium and sensory light tunnel videos on youtube. She is also a fan of Teletubbies which she watches in her standing frame. 

These are her favoured apps:

Tap-n-See-Now (Little bear sees)
Big Bang patterns
Big Bang Pictures
Bloom HD
Art of Glow
Draw Stars
Sound Box
Light Box


Cali has a routine of stretches and exercises to help with her scoliosis and encourage her to move towards developmental milestones.
School have been helpful with putting this together. We also visited the Brainwave Centre, which works with children with developmental delay, a few weeks before lockdown so fortuitously we went into lockdown with a physio routine already worked out. A often does “Cosmic Kids yoga” whilst Cali is stretching, a rare moment of activity synchronicity!

Chimeabout / hanging chimeabout

That special needs classic. This was a present given for Cali’s second birthday and it’s still one of her favourite things to fiddle with. 

Weird rubber toys

These type of jelly like toys are beloved by Cali, as are beads. She loves the feel of them.


Hoop on a pulley

The hoop in the picture is on a pulley so it can be raised and lowered. Cali loves playing with the things dangling off it. And this helps her spend longer in her supportive seating and standing frame. Thank you Charlton Farm for the idea!



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