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5th podcast series Trisomy Awareness Month

We have just completed the 5th series of podcasts. This one was done specially for Trisomy Awareness Month 2022. Listen to all 5 podcast by clicking on the links below:

We had a catch up with Beverly Jacobson in the States to hear how her daughter Verity, with Trisomy 18 is; what's new with Verity's Village since we last spoke; how the launch of her book 'From Diagnosis to Delivery' is doing; as well as what her plans for Trisomy Awareness month are. We also shared all the exciting things SOFT UK have planned for the month of March to celebrate #TrisomyAwarenessMonth. Listen to it here:

Listen to this informative chat with Jenny Robbins, founding member of SOFT UK. We heard the fascinating story of how SOFT was started back in the 1980s in the context of limited/ outdated information on Trisomy 13 and 18. Listening to how connections were made locally and overseas with other families with Trisomy 13 and 18 babies and children, through surveys and letters, was so interesting. We found out about the very first conferences and how the support that SOFT offers has changed with the advent of technology. Listen to it here:

We spoke to Juliette about her personal journey with her daughter, Amelia, who had Trisomy 18. It's touching to hear how she has both relied on SOFT for support and now provides it as a support volunteer and trained bereavement counsellor. It's truly a labour of love for the Bradley family, as Juliette's husband, Matt, helps SOFT with their website and IT. Listen to it here: 

In celebration of #TrisomyAwarenessMonth we spoke to Gareth, a Trustee of SOFT and father to Phoebe. She lived for 3 days, and he found it terribly difficult to deal with at the time. His involvement with SOFT began by running sponsored races to raise funds for SOFT and has evolved to him 'meeting and greeting' people at SOFT conferences and now as a Trustee. We value his involvement and it's interesting to hear how SOFT has changed in the time he has been involved. Listen to it here: 

We spoke to an amazing couple, Sarita and Kareem Edwards, about their incredible 5-year-old son, Elijah with full Trisomy 18. It's an inspirational way to end off #TrisomyAwarenessMonth as he is so well for a child with this condition. The podcast includes an endearing guest appearance by Elijah himself. It's also a wonderful opportunity to hear from a Dad’s perspective, when we discussed how this diagnosis affected them as a couple. It's all summed up with their message of hope and love at the end. #Trisomy18 #TrisomyAwarenessMonth #dadsperspective #hope #love #AgainstAllOdds Listen here:


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