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Campaigning success for Together for Short Lives

Together for Short Lives are celebrating the success of their campaign to improve resources for Children's Palliative Care in England. 

Following a December announcement of an increase in the Children's Hospice Grant from £11 million to £25 million, giving it parity with funding for adult services, Children's End of Life Care has been outlined as a 'significant priority' for NHS England in their Long-Term Plan, which outlines healthcare delivery for the next decade. 

The Long Term Plan also outlines important ambitions around end of life care. The accelerated rollout of Personal Health Budgets is anticipated to have benefits for families in terms of increasing opportunities to manage their care where they choose. THey have also introduced a commitment to introduce proactive and personalised care planning for everyone identified as being in their last year of life'  a consequence of which will be a reduction in avoidable emergency admissions and more people being able to die in a place they have chosen. 

The plan also holds key developments for families caring for a child with a long-term developmental or health condition. NHS England will therefore create a Children and Young People’s Transformation Programme which will oversee the delivery of the children and young people’s commitments in the Plan.  They include commitments to reduce the need to present at A&E by improving community health services. Clinical networks will be rolled out charged with managing long term health conditions such as diabetes, asthma and epilepsy, to improve coordination of care. 

Over the next five years, paediatric critical care and surgical services will evolve to meet the changing needs of patients, ensuring that children and young people are able to access high quality services as close to home as possible. Paediatric networks, which will involve hospitals, NHS staff and patients and their families, will ensure that there is a coordinated approach to critical care and surgical services, enabling children and young people to access specialised and non-specialised services in times of urgent, emergency and planned need.

Commitments to extensive staff training and resources for better coordination of services to patients with learning disabilties feature, alongside a number of financial commitments to extending the provision of children's Mental Health Services. 

There are also significant commitments to maternity and neo-natal services, including improving the capacity of critical care facilities and reduce the rates of neonatal death. 

At a more general level, geographical inequality of care is featured with a raft of measures designed to reduce this. There is also a section highlighting the importance of prevention in healthcare management. 

For further information take a look at the Together for Short Lives campaign pages


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