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Language Matters

SOFT UK Trustee Alison Pearson blogs for Public Health England 

Alison was one of 2 mums asked by Public Health England Screening to talk about the importance of the language that health professionals use when communicating with parents and parents-to-be about conditions like Edwards’ syndrome.
Many women can repeat word for word what was said to them, even many years on, when their baby was identified, before or after birth, as having a genetic condition. It is therefore important for the professionals working in screening and diagnosis to get their language right.
Alison writes "In the days and weeks to follow her condition was called ‘lethal’, we were told it was not ‘appropriate’ to resuscitate.... Others with the same diagnosis have been told their child is ‘incompatible with life’"
PHE is doing a lot of work to improve the use of language and terminology in screening information and publications.The national screening team in PHE really wants to help promote and champion the appropriate use of language to improve women’s experience of antenatal screening.
They report today that this has been their most read blog ever!  So huge thanks to Alison for raising awareness for Trisomy families
You can read the full article here.
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