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Loss Books


As parents, we make every effort to shield our children from the pain of grieving and loss. Unfortunately, this is often not a privilege that parents of children with Trisomy are afforded as we grapple with a life changing diagnosis early in our child’s life. Familial loss of any sort is a grief unlike any other, and it is often difficult to find words that accurately relay our sentiments to another person. This is even more true when we have to begin the delicate and painful conversation of loss with our children at a younger age than anticipated.

Loss Books Ltd provide a personalised book which explains the loss of a family member to children in safe, comforting dialogue. They not only address the sensitive matter of loss but are also a tool to remember your loved one. They are based on a book that Kate Polley created after the loss of one of her twin sons to address his death with her surviving son. They can now be personalised to address any loss and as they say themselves

“This unique range of baby and childloss books are a valuable educational tool to assist parents and educators to explain death to young children. The books also appeal to readers of all ages. Through gentle prose and beautiful illustrations they remind us that we can experience the love and joy of a loved one, even when they are no longer with us here on earth.”

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