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NHS videos

After almost a year, the NHS has published a video to support expectant parents facing a diagnosis of Edwards' syndrome. The video was created in collaboration with SOFT UK, and we are incredibly thankful to our community who helped to make this a reality. The project began when it was identified that there was a lack of information being made available to expectant parents. The aim was to create a video that talked about different families journeys and experiences, providing a more human insight into a pregnancy affected by Trisomy 18.

A number of incredible families took part in the interview process, sharing their stories with the NHS. The impact this had was huge, and it really helped us to work more closely with the amazing team at Public Health England, giving them what they needed to put this together.

One of those was Chloe, who told Penelope’s story. Her story covers so much, giving a deeper glimpse into a pregnancy affected by Trisomy 18. If you have any feedback about the video, please let us know.

The Trisomy 18 video can be found here.

Chloe and Penelope’s video can be found here.

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