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Podcast series 4 Bereavement

We have noticed that our community really comes together for each other, especially at the time of a loss. It's fantastic that there is this empathetic support from peers and because SOFT UK always has been here for you, every step of your journey, we decided to do a podcast series on the difficult subject of Bereavement. Join support volunteer, Hannah, as she talks to us about her son Cillian; what it was like facing loss during lockdown; what coping mechanisms she has found; the impacts on her marriage; as well as how she remembers her baby. We also welcome anyone who would like to tell their story to come forward.

Episode 1: Introduction

We spoke to Hannah O'Gallachoir about her antenatal diagnosis of baby Cillian's condition, Trisomy 13. We discussed how she found out about SOFT and why she loves volunteering for us as a support line volunteer. Hear more about her journey as well as her message for other bereaved families here: 

Episode 2: Loss during Lockdown

We spoke to Hannah about the difficulties of experiencing loss during lockdown and how she managed to plan her baby's funeral despite all the restrictions. She speaks beautifully about the ways in which they managed to make the event special and kept traditions that meant a lot to their family. Listen here:

Episode 3: Chloe's story

We heard about Penelope, whose Trisomy 18 diagnosis was missed during pregnancy, but who lived for 2,5 years. The months and years that followed her loss were extremely tough and there were times when Chloe didn't know how she or her husband would make it through. She bravely explains how she has since been diagnosed with Complex PTSD and is seeking help with a psychologist. Hear more about her journey and what she has done for SOFT UK in Northern Ireland here:

Episode 4: Coping mechanisms

We spoke to Hannah about some of the coping mechanisms she has developed since losing her son Cillian. Some are the usual things we've all heard of before, but one is rather unusual and was even surprising to her. To hear more in this interview, click here:

Episode 5: Impact on relationships

We discussed what impact losing her son, Cillian, had on Hannah's marriage and other significatn relationships in her life. It was interesting to hear how she has changed as a person and how this has had an effect on others around her. To listen to this episode, click here:

Episode 6: Other people's reactions

This podcast is about the difficult subject of how other people handle the loss of your baby. Hannah shares some of the strange things that people have said to her, sometimes out of panic as they don't know what else to say, and the impact that this had on her. Listen here: 

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