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Trisomy Awareness Month 2022 A Time To Reflect As SOFT UK

March is Trisomy Awareness Month, an incredibly important month for those in our community, and for SOFT UK. For us, it’s a time for reflection, but also a time to think of our next steps.


When I look back on what we’ve done in the past 12 months, I can’t help but look forward to the future and what’s next for us. Just 12 months have passed, but we’ve accomplished so much, driven by our incredible community and the families we support.


It’s been an odd year, one with ups and downs, a pandemic, and a move into the digital space that has proven essential in us continuing to offer support to those who need it.


Back in March 2021 we launched our first podcast series, talking with families about the Trisomy journey. The stories were heart felt and incredibly emotional, and the impact they had on families coming through to SOFT UK was incredible. After the success, we launched not one, but three more podcast series, focusing on different perspectives and journeys.


Already, we are working on our fifth series, bringing even more content to those who need it. We’ve been told time and time again by our community how valuable these lived experiences are to them, giving them other perspectives that help them to navigate their own journey. It’s because of this that we will continue to expand our library, broadening the experiences we have to offer.


It doesn’t stop there.


Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were unable to host a face to face event last year. We wanted to celebrate our anniversary, but the risk to our community was something that weighed heavily upon us, leading to our decision to host our event virtually. Having never done anything like it, things felt nerve wracking, but after a lot of work behind the scenes, we delivered.


Our event saw hundreds of participants attending, incredible guest speakers delivering their presentations, and content that remains online till this day. The interaction we saw across the weekend was inspiring, and it really helps us to grow, giving us the courage to continue delivering events like this.


Hopefully this year we will meet face to face!


Continuing this digital trend, we launched a number of Facebook support groups. We know how hard it can be to talk to other people who have a similar experience, and this was one of our key motivations in putting these groups together. If you’re not already part of these groups, I strongly suggest joining the ones that suit you best. Just head over to our SOFT UK Facebook page where you can find out more about these.


This is all just scratching the surface, with so many other incredible things taking place over the past 12 months. Our support calls have grown, with more expectant families coming through to connect with us and others in the community. We worked closely with Public Health England to prepare a video that will be shown to families receiving a diagnosis of Edwards’ or Patau’s, and then there’s the incredible exhibition ‘You’re Not Alone,” created by the wonderful ‘Same But Different’.


What a year 2021 was. Looking back at all of the things SOFT UK achieved, our incredible volunteers and trustees, and our inspiring community, I can’t help but feel excited for the future.


I hope you’ll join us on this journey over the next 12 months, it promises to be an exciting one.


Thank you all for your support of SOFT UK.



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