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World Birth Defects Day 2019

SOFT UK has signed up as a partner to World Birth Defects Day 2019. 

World Birth Defects day has been set up by an array of international agency partners, to encourage improve surveillance of Birth Defects. Their belief is that a lack of reliable statistical data on rare birth defects prevents effective strategies being developed to manage rare conditions, prevents effective research and reduces quality of life for families affected by rare birth defects.  

Because of the relatively rare nature of most birth defects, this requires a concerted international effort to achieve meaningful results. 

The vision for the next five years for World Birth Defects Day is:

  1. disseminate health knowledge for reducing the occurrence of birth defects for which there are proven prevention strategies,
  2. improve quality of life of all individuals and families affected by birth defects,
  3. advance knowledge on epidemiology of birth defects by initiating new monitoring and research programs and strengthening the existing ones to better understand how birth defects impact children, families and communities,
  4. secure financial and public support for research to find causes of birth defects and identify best practices for treatment and care of children with birth defects,
  5. develop training courses and/or disseminate the existing ones.

We will be providing regular updates on the programme of work until WBDD 2019 on March 3rd. 

To find out more about WBDD and their work check out their website



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