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Lived Experience

Family Stories
The SOFT UK website shares many families’ experiences of having a child with a Trisomy condition.



Living with Cali
SOFT UK Blog from a mother of a child with Full Trisomy 18



A report of experiences and feedback from parents and carers
Foster-Collins H, on behalf of SOFT UK (2019)



Never say never about our child
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Eliciting Narratives to Inform Care for Infants With Trisomy 18
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The experience of families with children with trisomy 13 and 18 in social networks
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Our children are not a diagnosis: The experience of parents who continue their pregnancy after a prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 13 or 18
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Am J Med Genet Part A. 164A: 308–18



"I Would Do It All Over Again": Cherishing Time and the Absence of Regret in Continuing a Pregnancy after a Life-Limiting Diagnosis.
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The impact of a sibling's life-limiting genetic condition on adult brothers and sisters.
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Incompatible with Life | Brandon Bosma
Bosma B. 2016. TEDx Talks. [Video]



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