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Neonatal Care

About 1 in 10 babies diagnosed with Edwards' syndrome or Patau's syndrome will be born alive. Doctors no longer assume the long term prognosis justifies non-intervention, and some parents will want to do all they can to enhance whatever chance the baby has of even limited length and quality of life - this can include opting for a Caesarian, or letting nature take its course. Many expectant mothers write a birth plan to take into account any decisions that may need to be made quickly.

Many babies born with Edwards' syndrome or Patau's syndrome will spend some time in a neonatal care unit. Many families find this a distressing time. Some parents find it useful to spend a bit of time before their baby is born reading about what to expect in a neonatal unit.

The Bliss website has a comprehensive section on what to expect of your time in hospital covering topics including:

  • What to expect in a neo-natal unit
  • Who's Who of professional staff
  • Information about testing
  • Support for parents while in the unit


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