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About Trisomy

Patau’s and Edwards’ Syndrome are Trisomy conditions – this means there are three copies of the relevant chromosome where there would normally be two. This usually occurs because of errors in the processes of cell division involved in conception and embryonic development. Having too much genetic material causes difficulties with every stage of development, from the early mitosis of a developing embryo to the growth and development of a living child.

Patau’s and Edwards’ Syndromes cause a variety of developmental and health difficulties for affected individuals.  Both conditions are considered to be life-limiting, meaning they affect how long a baby can be expected to survive. They would be likely to require specialist medical intervention, particularly in the neo-natal period. Children affected by Patau’s and Edwards’ Syndromes can be expected to have significant health and developmental challenges. However, with medicine constantly advancing, more than 10% of children affected by such conditions can be expected to survive to their fifth birthday and beyond!

This section of our website explains the key facts about Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18

There is also a section with some information on the DIAGNOSTIC PROCESSES you may have had mentioned to you by medical professionals. 

There is information on the SUPPORT SOFT UK can offer to your family.

There is a link to the LATEST RESEARCH on Trisomy conditions and related issues. 


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