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For 25 years families have been telling us that what they value most is connecting with other families. Talking to another family who has been through, or is going through, what you have to face is absolutely unparalleled and the prime reason why SOFT UK exists. Being able to share your thoughts and receive that unconditional acceptance and understanding only other Trisomy families can provide, can be what holds families together at troubling times. Reading other family’s stories can bring hope to every circumstance and provide strength to face your own challenges. Finding another family in your shoes can bring lifelong friendship, as you tackle those bumps in the road hand in hand; talking through the issues, standing solidly together when things are tough and celebrating together at the wonder of miracles. If you would like to contribute your Family's Story to this page, please read our guidelines (pdf attached) and get in touch on

SOFT UK members have shared their stories here in the hope of reaching out to other families to provide that bridge across to the road travelled by Trisomy families. We hope that you find something of hope, courage, joy, understanding, compassion and togetherness in their experiences.

SOFT UK would like to thank everyone who has shared their experiences here, for together we are undoubtedly stronger.

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